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Sleep ∞ Over

listen to Austin band Sleep 8 Over
CITY: Austin
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Casual Diamond"
WEBSITE: soundcloud.com/sleep-over

WHY THEM It's no secret that pop music has gotten dreamier in the past decade; maybe we all need to escape into fantasy, or maybe technological innovation has made it far easier for young people to create cloud cities with intricate details that distorted guitars just couldn't do in decades past. In any case, few are developing widescreen Roger Dean vistas for the mind as beguilingly as Stefanie Franciotti and Sleep ∞ Over. Fusing spare drum bleats with chambered vocal spirals and expansive synth tickles, they erupt a bomb so slowly and so discreetly that their songs have to hit the halfway point before you realize that you have been obliterated in the process of listening.

ALSO CONSIDERED Ringo Deathstarr — We could have just as easily zigged instead of zagged, avoiding Sleep ∞ Over's ethereal wash in favor of the new-wave noise kicks of Ringo Deathstarr. 


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