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Pterodactyl Plains

Pterodactyl Plains

CITY: Trego
WEBSITE: pterodactylplains.com

WHY THEM: The genre "electroacoustic" has been one despised by music snobs for decades, second banana only to "singer/songwriter." Pterodactyl Plains have set out to put the genre-shaming to shame. Duo Jessica Kilroy and Kier Atherton have the softness of Alison Krauss's Americana roots folk with the deep bass and drums of Depeche Mode and the brooding emotion of a Bach fugue, creating something awesome that "electroacoustic" simply can't define. Now put yourself in Trego, Montana, population: 437. In a town with three roads and more cows than people, Pterodactyl Plains bring the hurriedness of life to a grinding halt, handing you a cup of tea and a slice of pie made with rhubarb that grew in the backyard. While you're there, you'll discuss contemporary novels and traveling abroad, but mostly you'll just enjoy the silence. Without a doubt, these are your folks from your hometown, but this is something you've never heard before.

ALSO CONSIDERED: Candyland Liberation Front — The name alone. Not only did they get one of the only 50 States nominations as a pop-punk band, but . . . okay, we were almost swayed by the name.


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