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The Pizza Thieves

The Pizza Thieves from Oklahoma
CITY: Norman
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Real American Boy"
WEBSITE: thepizzathieves.bandcamp.com

WHY THEM: This patchy guitar/drums duo just released their first proper EP this past May, and they're already polarizing the critics. Their amateurish production value and unpredictability left one Oklahoman blogger unimpressed, but what the hell does that guy know? The Pizza Thieves' L'OWL EP conveys a uniqueness of song craftsmanship that that would win over audiences at anarcho collectives and Neutral Milk Hotel fan conventions alike. It's as if they siphoned off twee's unfussy, smiling charm while leaving all the cutesy, trendy bullshit behind. Dear Pizza Thieves: if you're reading this, please, please do not add a ukulele or glockenspiel to your setup. Some people will tell you that doing these things will make your band more popular. Those people are not your friends.

ALSO CONSIDERED: Mayola — Credit is due for understanding that country-rock requires a set of testicles.



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